Artemis PP800 PCP Multi Shot Air Pistol
Chrismas has come early, Sportmarketing has just released the Artemis PP800 multi-shot PCP pistol and will be in stock mid-December for only a limited period as there are only 300 units being made (150 in each calibre). As we are all very aware there are no multi-shot pistols on the market under £450 and as this air pistol being released at only £260, it is a real bargain. This airgun is modelled on the very successful CP1 multi shot CO2 pistol, which in its own right has been very popular over the past three years since it's release.The hand grip (stock) is wood with a rig..
Tom’s Top Three PCP Air Rifles For Under £1000
Tom here from Bristol Airguns, (That big guy with the beard you all know) Today I’m going to be giving my honest review and opinion of my top three go to PCP air rifles for under a thousand British pounds and why.Now that 2018 is coming to a close and 2019 is just around the corner it would only be right to give my review on some of the PCP air rifles that we have seen spread the market, My gosh some of them have been fantastic and others… not so much. But we won’t go into those today.Like most of you air gunners out there I too find it hard to pick a rifle that suits my needs. Whether it’s a ..
Reviewed the Remington 1911 RAC CO2 Air pistols
The Remington 1911 RAC CO2 4.5mm BB air pistol has been Bristol Airgun’s best-selling handgun since we stocked the GI version a couple of years ago.Based on the award-winning Tanfoglio Witness 1911 air pistol, from some years ago, the Remington models are a pleasure to shoot.Sportsmarketing has introduced two new models, the Silver Seventies version, with wood (effect) handles and the Silver Tactical with more of a modern-day styling.These are in addition to the current GI version (WW2) and the Black Tactical Remington.Constructed in full metal, these pistol’s feel great in the hand as the bui..
ASG Schofield CO2 Air Pistol review
Grab your Cowboy hats and chaps because ASG has released a pellet and BB Schofield Revolver in a black aged, steel grey finish.Constructed from all metal both revolvers feel extremely authentic, the handles are plastic ivory and wood effect) with a hex key attached to the reverse for the installing the 12-gram gas cylinder.  The barrel release is a catch at the rear of the gun (which is the rear sight) this opens up the gun revealing the cylinder where the shells are exposed. I must say this is a work of art as the action pushes the shells up out of the revolver (The same as the Webl..
SMK has just released the CO2 Victory CP2 air pistol/rifle kit with a shoulder extension stock to convert it to a mini carbine.The looks are pretty dramatic, the compact dimensions and handy weight remind me of the Crosman 2250 XL ratcatcher which served the pest control world so well.It is available in black or camouflage, in a choice of .177 & .22 calibre. On top of the rifled barrel, there are adjustable open sights which can be removed to make space for a scope.The bolt action operates a multi shot magazine making quick loads a breeze, there is all a single shot tray included which is ..
I reviewed the SMK CR600 CO2 Air Rifle last month, so I thought it was only fair to take a look at the PCP version of this air rifle. Like the CR600, the PR900 PCP air rifle is of exceptional quality for the price, it is supplied with a multi-shot magazine and a single shot tray.Fitted with a quality wooden stock, metal barrel, open sights and metal internals, it really does give the competition a run for its money, as I have not seen a PCP rifle that compares for under the £300 mark.The trigger has a slow release value ensuring each shot is smooth, accurate with no recoil.The weight of t..
SMK Victory CR600 CO2 Air Rifle
Sometimes I think it is a shame that CO2 rifles do not get the credit they deserve. In many ways they offer the same advantages of a pre charged pneumatic (PCP) rifle without the cost and hassle of a dive bottle or pump system. Take the SMK CR600W its lightweight, well balanced, recoilless, quiet and very affordable. Powered by one 12 gram CO2 capsule it packs a punch of around 9ft.lbs which is more than suitable for taking rat, pigeons and small vermin. The rifle comes fitted with open sights and is supplied with a one shot tray and a seven shot magazine which is a nice touch. ..
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Air Arms have been manufacturing some excellent air rifles over a number of years such as the iconic S400, S410, S500 & S510 to name a few. An exciting upgrade stock for the above models has now been manufactured by GRS Stocks and is being distributed through Highland Outdoors in the UK and sold through Bristol Airguns. These Stocks had an excellent review in this month’s Airgun World (June 2017), so if any of you have an Air Arms S400, S410, S500 or S510 click these links below: http://grsriflestocks.com/models/grs-laminate-stocks/grs-sporterhttps://www.bristolairguns.com/i..
Umarex Legends MP40 German - 4.5mm BB
The Umarex Legend German MP40 or Schmeisser Series Submachine Gun is an absolute winner and an iconic replica that will transport you back in time the minute you pick it up.Powered by two 12 gram CO2 cartridges it holds up to sixty 4.5mm (.177) BB’s in the well-constructed steel magazine.The full metal body, gas blowback, folding shoulder stock, hood front and adjustable rear sight really does stay true to the original classic design and is a piece of history remade.   The authenticity is highlighted by the feel and scrupulous attention to detail, which makes this airgun extremely de..
Air rifle junkie, gadget geek and air pistol fanatic
An insight into David Player and the creation of Bristol Airguns. Like all boys who lived in the countryside in the late 1970's, owning an air rifle was standard.I spent many hours with my pet Jack Russell (Sixpence) walking around farmland target shooting with a trusty BSA meteor air rifle.In my teens I join a shooting club and moved on to a 22 Rimfire Martini Henry Rifle.Unfortunately a move to the city left this all behind .......until recently!In 2012, a colleague reintroduced me too air rifles and pistols, at which point I was blown away by the choice that was now available.I applied..
Soon to be released is the Sig Sauer P320 will be taking the place alongside the CO2 airguns that are proving to be so popular at the moment.The P320 uses much the same technology as a sub-machine-guns and will hold 30 pellets at a time, making the rapid-fire plinking sessons even more fun.Available in black and Tan finish the all metal build feels just as good as other guns in their range, which reinforces Sig's commitment to airgunning...
Webley Raider 12  is now in stock
Hot news, the new Webley Raider 12 will be our shop within the next two weeks  Featuring an ambidextrous stock and a fully adjustable two stage trigger. This Rifle has been redesigned by Webley without compromise, they have modified and fitted an integrated Quantum silencer which makes it quiet a piece of engineering especially at such a price that is so affordable. Currently available in walnut (polymer stock will with us in June 2017).  Supplied with two self-indexing magazines, the .177 calibre holds 14 shots and the .22 holds 12 shots. Don’t hold off, book a ..
Welcome to Bristol Airguns blog
Hi There,  Thank you for taking the time to take a look Bristol Airguns blog site.  My name is David Player and I am the owner of Bristol Airguns and a self-confessed air gun junkie.    We have stocked a small range of air pistols and air rifles in the Convert2Cash second hand shops for a number of years.  Due to the demand our range has grown and Bristol Airguns online shop was launched in July 2016 which has enjoyed a steady sale of airguns since.  Our main retail shop is located 22 Regent Street, Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 8JS, which stocks a great ran..
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