Reviewed the Remington 1911 RAC CO2 Air pistols

Reviewed the Remington 1911 RAC CO2 Air pistols

The Remington 1911 RAC CO2 4.5mm BB air pistol has been Bristol Airgun’s best-selling handgun since we stocked the GI version a couple of years ago.

Based on the award-winning Tanfoglio Witness 1911 air pistol, from some years ago, the Remington models are a pleasure to shoot.

Sportsmarketing has introduced two new models, the Silver Seventies version, with wood (effect) handles and the Silver Tactical with more of a modern-day styling.

These are in addition to the current GI version (WW2) and the Black Tactical Remington.

Constructed in full metal, these pistol’s feel great in the hand as the build quality is excellent, the full blowback and hand grip safety really gives the Remington the realism of the Colt 1911 and when you pull that trigger, instant satisfaction, this air pistol is the bees’ knees.  

For those of you who like to take things apart, these pistols are also fully fielded strippable.

If you decide to purchase one of these babies, I would recommend in buying an additional magazine, because as you shoot the last BB from these pistol’s, the breach fully opens and you can eject the spent magazine, slap a new one in, close the breach and off you go, perfection! 

Posted by David Player