SMK Victory PR900 PCP Air Rifle

I reviewed the SMK CR600 CO2 Air Rifle last month, so I thought it was only fair to take a look at the PCP version of this air rifle.

Like the CR600, the PR900 PCP air rifle is of exceptional quality for the price, it is supplied with a multi-shot magazine and a single shot tray.

Fitted with a quality wooden stock, metal barrel, open sights and metal internals, it really does give the competition a run for its money, as I have not seen a PCP rifle that compares for under the £300 mark.

The trigger has a slow release value ensuring each shot is smooth, accurate with no recoil.

The weight of this air rifle is only 2.27KG, so ideal for a teenager, adult or elderly person to use.  

The SMK PR900W does have the edge on the SMK CR600 (the CO2 version of this rifle), as the velocity is far greater (about 2ft. lbs. extra) in both calibres, which makes it an ideal candidate for hunting, vermin control and target shooting.

So go on and treat yourself.


Posted by David Player