ASG Schofield CO2 Air Pistol review

ASG Schofield CO2 Air Pistol review

Grab your Cowboy hats and chaps because ASG has released a pellet and BB Schofield Revolver in a black aged, steel grey finish.

Constructed from all metal both revolvers feel extremely authentic, the handles are plastic ivory and wood effect) with a hex key attached to the reverse for the installing the 12-gram gas cylinder.  

The barrel release is a catch at the rear of the gun (which is the rear sight) this opens up the gun revealing the cylinder where the shells are exposed. I must say this is a work of art as the action pushes the shells up out of the revolver (The same as the Webley MK6).

The power rating does differ between the BB and the pellet revolver, this is due to the pellets being loaded at the rear of the dummy shell (more powerful) and the 4.5mm BB loaded at the front (less powerful), however the good news is that if you can change the BB to pellet shells and get the same velocity from the pellet version as the barrels in both guns are not rifled.

So go on treat yourself, step back into the Wild West with Schofield MK2 Classic! 

Posted by David Player