Tom’s Top Three PCP Air Rifles For Under £1000

Tom’s Top Three PCP Air Rifles For Under £1000

Tom here from Bristol Airguns, (That big guy with the beard you all know) Today I’m going to be giving my honest review and opinion of my top three go to PCP air rifles for under a thousand British pounds and why.

Now that 2018 is coming to a close and 2019 is just around the corner it would only be right to give my review on some of the PCP air rifles that we have seen spread the market, My gosh some of them have been fantastic and others… not so much. But we won’t go into those today.

Like most of you air gunners out there I too find it hard to pick a rifle that suits my needs. Whether it’s a target shooting rifle, or a vermin dispatching rife that you are after.

Hopefully, this review will help in making your decision a little less painful in the near future.

At Number three: Webley Raider 12 Quantum

The infamous Webley Raider 12, what a brilliant gun this is! This air rifle holds number three in my top three. This choice was a struggle as to whether it should have been number two rather than three.

Why have I chosen this gun? 
This air rifle has been beautifully crafted and has a real gentlemen’s kind of visual look too it. With a perfectly crafted Turkish walnut stock, to a fully shrouded barrel.

Supplied with two 12 shot magazines in .22 calibre and 14 shots in .177 calibre.

It houses a 200 bar fill tank and an output of around 11.5ft lbs of muzzle energy.

This rifle is outstanding in its field with precise accuracy and hitting power you’ll be able to hit that bull at 70 yards or knock that rat down at 50 yards.

How much is it?

At only £489.95, the Webley Raider 12 Quantum is one of the best PCP air rifles on the market for under £500.00.

At Number two: Kral Breaker Bullpup MK2

The Kral Breaker Bullpup MK2, wow just wow… what a gun this is! This bullpup holds number two in my top three.

Why have I chosen this gun?

This Air Rifle is stunning, supplied with one of four different variations of stock from soft touch army green, Turkish walnut, synthetic or camo. (All variations are lovely) With its superb compact design and brute force stopping power Kral really have pulled through with this one.

Tank capacity of 220bar and a very smooth cocking lever (almost like butter smooth) it really does makes for effortless loading. Supplied with two twelve shot magazines in .22 calibre.

This rifle also has a power adjuster.

With extreme accuracy over 70 yards this airgun is absolutely fantastic. It makes vermin dispatching a walk in the park it really does. This is why this air rifle sits in number two on my top three.

How much is it?
All of this rifle at only £479.95, this has to be the best PCP bullpup currently on the market for under £500.00.

At Number One: FX Streamline Smooth Twist

In first place has to be the outstanding world-renowned FX air guns, the all-new Streamline PCP air rifle, with its sleek design and lightweight this has to be one of the best-looking air rifles on the market today.

Why have I chosen this gun?
This air rifle is absolutely gorgeous, it has a very simple feel to it alongside with a phenomenal pepper grey laminate stock, also available in soft-touch synthetic and walnut. However, it just screams out too you!

With the all-new smooth twist barrel technology, the guys over at FX really have pulled a rabbit out of the hat with this one.

It compresses a 200 bar fill tank and a joyous side lever cocking mechanism, making for loading this rifle almost seamless.

Complete with an eleven shot magazine in .22 and thirteen shot in .177calibre.

How much is it?
This FX comes in at only £939.95 for the laminate (My personal favourite) £749.95 for the soft touch synthetic, this honestly is fantastic value for money less than a thousand British pounds for a PCP air rifle that will most certainly outperform its main competitors like the Air Arms S410 and the S510.

This has to have been one of the hardest lists for me to make as I absolutely love all of these air rifles and I wouldn’t be caught dead without any of them in my collection!

Please feel free to browse more into these rifles on our website over at

I hope this review finds you well and will help you air gunners out there to decide on what’s going to be your next purchase!

It’s been a pleasure, until next time.


Bristol Air Guns Team

Tom Brewer Posted by Tom Brewer