Lee Enfield WW1 Air Rifle - IN STOCK SOON

Lee Enfield WW1 Air Rifle - IN STOCK SOON

The Lee Enfield SMLE, CO2, 4.5mm, BB air rifle, now has a release date of May 2019. 

Imported through The Shooting Party this iconic rifle is constructed from real wood and all metal parts. The all-metal magazine holds 15 rounds and a 12gram CO2 cylinder. 

The Lee Enfield was adopted by the British Army in 1895 and saw active service through both World Wars and eventually discontinued in 1957. 

There were many versions made, however, this model first found action in the trenches in France in WW1 and was known as the SMLE (Short Magazine Lee Enfield) Variant. 

Included, is a built-in magazine, and a reproduction canvass strap.  the must-have rifle, for any collector or shooter alike. 

Posted by David Player