Air rifle junkie, gadget geek and air pistol fanatic

Air rifle junkie, gadget geek and air pistol fanatic

An insight into David Player and the creation of Bristol Airguns. 

Like all boys who lived in the countryside in the late 1970's, owning an air rifle was standard.

I spent many hours with my pet Jack Russell (Sixpence) walking around farmland target shooting with a trusty BSA meteor air rifle.

In my teens I join a shooting club and moved on to a 22 Rimfire Martini Henry Rifle.

Unfortunately a move to the city left this all behind .......until recently!

In 2012, a colleague reintroduced me too air rifles and pistols, at which point I was blown away by the choice that was now available.

I applied for a firearms licence and started to stock a small range of airguns in a second hand shop (Convert2Cash) in Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 8JS, which has now been rebranded as Bristol Airguns.

In 2016 was launched with an extensive range of airguns all fairly priced and with sound reputations: This we guarantee.

In the last year we have expanded this comprehensive range to over 170 lines of airguns and accessories.

We have just opened a new Bristol Airguns shop at 23 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, BS7 8AA.

We have also started publishing blogs through Bristol Airguns Blogger and our website. Here we take you through new air guns releases, technical stuff and know how for the general air gunner to help you make an informed choice on what is good, bad and suitable for your needs.

We hope that you find this service helpful and look forward to welcoming you to one of our retail outlets and supporting your airgun purchases.

Happy Air gunning!


Bristol Airguns. 

Posted by David Player