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ASG Schofield CO2 Air Pistol review
Grab your Cowboy hats and chaps because ASG has released a pellet and BB Schofield Revolver in a black aged, steel grey finish.Constructed from all metal both revolvers feel extremely authentic, the handles are plastic ivory and wood effect) with a hex key attached to the reverse for the installing the 12-gram gas cylinder.  The barrel release is a catch at the rear of the gun (which is the rear sight) this opens up the gun revealing the cylinder where the shells are exposed. I must say this is a work of art as the action pushes the shells up out of the revolver (The same as the Webl..
SMK has just released the CO2 Victory CP2 air pistol/rifle kit with a shoulder extension stock to convert it to a mini carbine.The looks are pretty dramatic, the compact dimensions and handy weight remind me of the Crosman 2250 XL ratcatcher which served the pest control world so well.It is available in black or camouflage, in a choice of .177 & .22 calibre. On top of the rifled barrel, there are adjustable open sights which can be removed to make space for a scope.The bolt action operates a multi shot magazine making quick loads a breeze, there is all a single shot tray included which is ..